I write to you all today with a heavy heart. Our family and everyone at the Challis Hot Springs has lost a great man, and an irreplaceable presence.

Bob Hammond, owner of the Hot Springs, and my grandfather, passed away Thanksgiving morning. He had been enduring far too much pain, and in his last days and hours we take comfort knowing that he was not, and is not hurting anymore.

Many of you may have fond memories of Bob, who was always willing to share his stories, his heart, and his family’s legacy with you. I have heard and read many comments from patrons of the Hot Springs retelling their encounters with my grandpa. Many tell how he would always come chat and make them feel welcome when he would make his rounds of the campground each day. How when sauntering around the front office he would retell stories of our history, and his.

We have lost someone this holiday who was truly one of a kind, and those who knew him can attest to the fact that things will truly never be the same without him.

Marisa Hammond


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