Located in the beautiful mountains of central Idaho, the Challis Hot Springs is within a short days travel to a variety of recreational opportunities. Whether you enjoy rafting or kayaking on the Salmon River; fishing for Steelhead, Cutthroat and Trout; or looking to get away into the vast Frank Church Wilderness, Challis, Idaho is the place to be!

In 1876, Alvah Challis platted the town of Challis, which became the supply depot for remote ranches and mining camps. The mining camps eventually became ghost towns, but Challis has flourished as the economic center for modern mining, ranching and recreation industries. Historic buildings still house local businesses on Main Street.


Fishing – Steelhead, Cutthroat, Rainbow Trout. All fishing is subject to Idaho Fish and Game regulations. Please familiarize yourself with these regulations prior to your visit.

Hunting – Elk and Mule Deer are the most common big game for hunters in Challis. A hunting license is required, and all hunting is subject to Idaho Fish and Game regulations.

Rafting/KayakingWhite Cloud Outfitters offers river packages that include the use of some amenities at the Challis Hot Springs.

Hiking (Deer trails) – Though many visitors choose to hike the surrounding area’s foothills and mountains, none of the existing trails are maintained for human use. Any trails you may encounter and use are all game trails. Deer, elk, big horns, and coyotes have carved countless miles of trails. If you do embark on a hike, we ask that you properly equip yourself in the event that you get lost. Also, please tell someone where you plan to go.

Horseback Riding – Many people choose to use these same trails on horseback. Some areas of the foothills have been used for cattle, so water troughs may be available in certain locations, but should not be relied on.

Birdwatching – There is a large variety of birds that frequent our grounds. Swallows, woodpeckers, songbirds, osprey, and bald eagles are all spotted with some frequency. A recent bird of interest that has been spotted on the property is a leucistic black-billed magpie.

In addition to your stay with us, we are providing a few recommendations for places to go and things to see while on your trip through Idaho. Listed below are a few of the local attractions and historical points of interest that are within a day’s travel from the Challis Hot Springs:

Custer Mining Town

The historic town of Custer was one of the most important mining towns in the Yankee Fork. It is now a ghost town and is free to visit year round.

Yankee Fork Gold Dredge

The Yankee Fork Gold Dredge was in operation from 1940-1952. It is now open to the public and available for tours.

Bayhorse Lake

Nearby Bayhorse Lake is stocked with hatchery trout and is a fun family destination for boat fishing and easy day hikes.

Stanley/Sawtooth Mountains/Redfish Lake

The unique town of Stanley sits amongst the breathtaking Sawtooth Mountain range. There are many opportunities for fishing, hiking, climbing, and mountain biking in the area. Also nearby is Redfish Lake, a pristine mountain lake.

Frank Church Wilderness

With over 2 million acres of wilderness to explore, the Frank Church wilderness is one of the most primitive and rugged experiences in the contiguous United States. White water, deep canyons, and rugged mountains offer a challenge to even the most experienced outdoorsmen.